Selling Policies

Selling Policies

Below are the main selling policies if you wish to be a merchant on The full list of policies and terms and conditions are mentioned in our Seller Terms & Conditions which you will have agreed to while creating your merchant account.

Violations to our selling policies may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your account or to the removal of your product listings that are in violation to the policies.

Must Have a Trade License by Dubai Economy and Tourism

To sell on you should have a trade license registered with the Department of Dubai Economy and Tourism. You must be either the trade license holder or an employee at the organization entitled by the company you work at. You cannot use a trade license of another company to create an account in

Selling Products as per the Activities Listed on Your Trade License

You are only allowed to list and sell products through our platform complying to the activities registered in your trade license.

Selling Counterfeit and Non-Genuine Products follows the policies of Dubai Economy and Tourism, and thus you have to comply with what is permitted and prohibited by Dubai Economy and Tourism department. You are not allowed to sell products that are counterfeit, non-genuine, or selling products where you violate any IPRs, intellectual property rights. We do take this seriously and may report any violations to the IPR owners or to the concerned law authorities or government bodies.

Selling Refurbished and Used Products

Products sold through our platform must be new. Selling refurbished or used products is not allowed on and it breaks our promise to our customers.

Misleading Information

As a merchant on, you are required to publish clear and correct content about your products and your company, such as product images, product titles, product information, company information, company logo and company name.

Cancellation and Delay of Orders

Once an order is placed by a customer to any of your listed products, you have to fulfill the order. Cancelling any order from your end after the order is submitted by the customer will negatively affect your merchant rating. You are also expected to prepare your product as per the product preparation timeframe that you have specified for your product without delays.

Accuracy and Update of Your Products Quantity

You are expected to always update your product quantities in our platform in order to avoid cases where you cannot fulfill an order submitted by a customer. Such cases that will lead to an order being cancelled from your end will negatively affect your merchant rating and will also affect your reputation in front of customers.

Content and Product Types

You are responsible about the content you publish on our platform. You are prohibited from using any type of content that contains or portrays profanity or is explicit in nature or in violation to the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

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